Friday, December 10, 2010

something on my mind.

Im not think that im famous, maybe im just a talk talk from people to person and then to another human, so they know me in many ways, good news bad news, so so so other.
Bla bla bla, then, i know a girl, not zati, coz i already couple with zati that time.
Emm, someone who adore me, i totally shocked, coz im not think that im as the lazies stupid lover, could have a person who love me soo much, bhahah~ Seriously, i never thought i could have a secret admire, but that time, so told me and im like.. gahh.. is this real.. So, i ask her, what is her feeling toward me? then she said, I love you :) My q, how much you love me? her ans, a true love never need to be measured, a true love is a love that never end till i die. then, i was just.. blurring away for a sec, then i reply with, okay :) hmm.
Actually, i donw want to be a heart breaker to anyone, im seriously, i down want to be a stupid boy who play a woman hearts for enjoyments. i dont need money or fame to live, i need a love from my mother and my lover, hmm. I love zati soo much, but shes far away. Im waiting for you to come here baby, hmm please hurry :(
And, this girl in the story is something dfrent, somethime i love her, but when i remebering zati, im getting down.. Seriously, im feel like, tak tau nak cakap ape --'
hmm, i dont want to break with zati, coz i love her, but in same time, i dont want to lost her, because she love me and so do i, i guest .. -END-

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