Monday, February 1, 2010

sejarah Hidup-Mati .

1st person who DO CHANGE from lots angle in my life .
From 1st time i saw her , i was thinking to my self dat i want to make her to be my special . And i do regret when i decide to leave her . The reason why im leaving her is sooo really really stupid . ouuff , i just cant forget the day when she was be mine and the day was she wasn't mine .
I swear to god , please let me see you again , NurulHusna bte Mohd Asmi .
i really miss you babe :( i really cant forget what you have tought me :(
i know my mistake and i do really regret it :( She was the one who tought me how to survive in the real world . Before i meet her , i really believe in wrong direction of life . I feel really happy when we are together babe , i really want you to be my wife , for real . She tought me about have patient in every thing we do , and i really dont understand at the first time . Bae , if anything good happen to , i will say that you are my inspiration . You are my everything . But it seems like i've lost it . If can i just want to share my whole life , in every girl i meet , you are the perfect one . I just can wish that you are be mine , again .

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