Monday, November 8, 2010


Life is white, like pure white silk on the store.
We create a shadow, or a rainbows to colour it with passion and dreams.
Life is fun, with people called FRIENDS. Life is complete with human called FAMILY.
And Skateboard is something that really mean to me, with skate board i getting knowing more and more special people like Abang Apai, who teach me skating, Aizat, epul, amir cbis, emy, tasya, najwa.. and more people who i forgot :p *sorry
But since i start playing skate, more and more experience i get with them, its called love, i love my friends. I love to be with them, i love the way they contact each other. Hmm. Kata lain seperti, selesa dengan cara hidup yang sekarang.

peace yaww :)

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